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Customized Jeep Cherokee and Renegade participate in 49th annual Easter safari

It's finally spring, and although the weather isn't quite as warm as we'd like it to be here in Shrewsbury, NJ, we know higher temperatures are just around the corner as we wrap up March. Topping off the spring excitement is the 49th Annual Easter Jeep Safari, which begins this weekend in Moab, Utah, and will feature seven fun, off-road-ready Jeep concepts.

The recently-unveiled concepts include the Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk and…

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The Dodge Challenger's Great Power Brings With it Great Responsibility

Here at World Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram we know how exciting it can be to drive a Dodge Challenger. But we also know that there are some drivers who don't understand the responsibility of having a powerful vehicle. Watch what happens when you don't treat your Challenger right.

These guys were not happy about the way that guy was driving, and we wouldn't be either. When you're in a Challenger, you…

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Looking at the Chrysler 200 from a New Angle

Knowing how to drive a car and knowing how a car really works are two very different things. Many drivers don't really know how a car works. That's why Chrysler wanted to show a few lucky drivers how the Chrysler 200 was made, so they could understand the way it functions. Check out the video below to see how they did that without setting foot in a factory.

Here at Word Jeep Chrysler?

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Jeep Renegade is an Authentic Trail Blazer

When you've been building capable SUVs long enough, words like "authentic" start being attached to your brand image. If you're the Jeep brand, you'll understand that drivers value a certain sense of purity. Recently, though, with models like the diminutive Renegade crossover coming to market, some have felt that the automaker might have over compromised its authenticity.

Let's take a moment to put those feelings to rest. Not only is the…

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Your Ram Truck is Always Ready for Your Next Job

The only thing better than kicking your feet up after a hard week of work is knowing that your Ram truck will be ready to get back to work whenever you need it. These vehicles are built for tough jobs, so they are always ready spring into action whenever you need them.

Here at World Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram we are big fans of Ram trucks because they work so hard to help you get?

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Take Winter Head-On with the Jeep Grand Cherokee

The holidays are nearly upon us, and there is a little time left before the end of the year to come in to World Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram for a great deal during out Big Finish Sales Event. Our choice for the season is not only a spacious and capable vehicle, but is also the most awarded SUV ever. It is hard to argue with years of medals and critics approval, but make your own…

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Dodge Celebrates its 100th Anniversary with Richard Rawlings and the Motley Crue

This year Dodge is celebrating a century of providing drivers with the muscle car power and performance they crave. In order to do so, it headed over to the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas. On November 1st, over 850 Dodge enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the brand, and they were joined by the Motley Crue and Richard Rawlings. From the test drives to private concerts, it sounds like a fun time was had by all!


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Get Ready For the Winter Season with a Jeep Model

We at World Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram love our Jeep models especially during winter, when the performance, safety, and comfort features of America's favorite SUV brand allow you to navigate snowy roads with ease. Here are some reasons why we love Jeep SUVs during the cold season:

  • The 2014 Jeep Cherokee was named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. With the need for safety features heightened during winter, new...
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What Did O.A.R. Think of the Jeep Wrangler?

They loved it of course! Under the cheerful beat of O.A.R.'s song "Favorite Song," the band members described how they put the Wrangler through the wringer. One band member, Jerry DePizzo (guitar and saxophone), even said, "We drove them like we stole them." Take a look below to see their experience.

Most cars wouldn't be able to handle what O.A.R. did with those Jeep Wranglers. They looked like they…

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